E-commerce in mobile applications drives the growth of your business

A few centuries back buying and selling a product means a shopkeeper with a minimal size of the area with vast items to sell and a customer looking for a particular item buys from them which is of same geographical location. Later times, customers need increasing with new products in the market and the economy helped them to gain something more always ended the shopkeepers to look for new ideas and to always evolve.

The new ideas were at first Super Markets and it leads to internet shopping the eCommerce market. But, What is E-commerce? – is the activity of buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing and many more.

The rapid growth of E-commerce paved a way for many software developments in the IT industry. One of the major is the Mobile Applications where it became a fast, easy and profitable solution for both customer and retailers. With 1.37 billion people in India, 41% of the population use mobile applications for E-Commerce. Having said that the reasons to create your own Mobile Applications for your business are countless and below, are few of it:

1.Increase in sales:

Customers are intended to install mobile applications because of the responsive pages of app’s customers find an easy way to do their chores instead of using desktop or laptops. Hence, there are twice the sales compared to customers who buy through a website.

2.Cookies are an advantage:

By the previous purchase or by giving feedback or the items you search is greater information about a customer. Customizing the experience of buying or selling in your E-Commerce application helps the customers to visit your store again.

3.Push notifications:

Push notifications are a smart feature which helps the customers to know when their product of favourite is on the stock, exciting offers, the arrival of new products etc. Here, cookies play a major role in pushing notifications which only a customer will refer to.

4.Quick response:

Buying or selling an item in a mobile app is easier than visiting the website of a brand as cache memory in mobile stores cookies. In turn, the server response is at a high rate in mobile app’s compared to websites because retrieving data is done at a much faster way.


To succeed in your business in this digital world of E-commerce it’s better to have a Mobile application. At the same time updating it with time doubles the rate of your customers. This can be a new step with many risks factor running in your mind. It’s better to always ask a risk analyst or consult with us for any queries or to even build your application. It is the best solution to venture into a modern world of much likely chance of expanding your business. Off-site buying and selling are outdated its time to go online via mobile applications.

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