Is Portfolio a good brand strategy?

Yes, Indeed. We have come across a lot of brand strategies that should explain your product/service, your professionalism and eventually achieve your goals. The art of visualization has always been a great center point in branding strategies. The study says, that visual representation can carry 75% of information and is easily communicated to others. This is the major reason brochures and portfolios came into the limelight.

A portfolio describes the services/products offered by a company to reach out to clients in a visual form of previous work by the company. It simply explains the skill set, visibility on digital platforms, and growth of the company. By sharing your brand’s portfolio on your website and social media clients can see your work and decide whether their needs match your services/products. So, bring on your workout to showcase your company by reading through the following tips.

1.Make it Simple

A simple way of presenting yourself can help you and others to understand the ideology of the work. For example, graphic designers can use a diversity of simple colors, animations, gifs, etc. UI/UX developers can have simple one-page websites. Give multiple options for the viewer in a way they want to visit again.

2. Easy navigation format

When you have worked on different services/products in various scopes of functions it’s always good to have several pages of your work in order. Make sure that you don’t dump all your work together and wish that client would understand. Categorization can help a lot and clients get to pick easily what they need from you.

3. Show authentic work

Every creator will have the best and most unsatisfactory work because no one is perfect and we make mistakes but we should be proud of it as well. Showcasing only your best work will fall under the same category as others but showing not-so-proud work can earn honesty from your clients and that’s what authenticity is about.

4. Uniqueness and variety

To stand out from the group the only way is uniqueness. It’s a good practice to have your signature style in your work. Try out new things and be ready to take the risk, usage of usual colours, fonts, and templates try from a different angle and use your creativity to be one they want to hire.

Bottom Line

Your small pieces of work can create a beautiful portfolio that will have all your thoughts, passion, and goals to achieve. A portfolio should have clarity and should express your working style. Constant reviews and feedback can be taken to improve the portfolio and updations at intervals help your portfolio looks fresh and new.

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