The Ultimate Secret To Design a Customer-Centric Website

Customers are the biggest asset for every business. Before in traditional methods of business word-of-mouth was a great strategy to approach your customers. But, in 21st customers have transformed into online marketing where they see your website first then your services or products. Making the best impression on customers is not an easy job. Designers need to a design which makes customers satisfied and a website that truly reflects what your business is offline.

It’s always better to have a survey on what your target audience prefer on websites, it can be easy access or navigation or a modernized website with pleasant colours and good content. Below are the secrets that can be considered to create a Customer-Centric website.

Assume yourself as a Visitor

When designing your website, assume yourself as a visitor who is looking at products/services or looking for any help to be solved. Design needs a diverse angle of viewpoints, everyone will different opinions on all matters. Once, you feel your version of a website is right, consult with your colleague or friends and listen to their experience to make your site more interactive.

Highlight your Home Page

Your Home page speaks a lot about your business, so make it an appealing one. The design on your website should be clear enough to follow-up. An image can be used instead of a sentence as an image is easy to remember. The Content on your home page should be precise and unambiguous with a simple or catchy keyword that should make the customers go further on the website.

Call to action

Every website needs a call to action button and it has to brighten and clear. When the customer is satisfied with your home page and wants to move forward a CTA button tells how to proceed further. A customer’s attention will be varying while looking at your website, a CTA button makes them to finally go in to explore more about your business. Therefore, do not leave them hanging for what to do next to set a path for them.

Keywords are your weapon

Usage of keywords is evermore good for your content. Keywords should be placed in the right part of your content. Use both short-tail and long-tail keywords as voice search is great at long-tail. The keywords should be very simple and common words should be used and use the maximum on your home page. These words can help you find prospective customers.

Updated Website

Your website has to be constantly updated. Updations can be the content or CTA buttons, designs and images to keep the business on track with the latest trends. Customers always want new things and they have high expectations and even few have challenging questions in their mind to you. Even a slight change makes a lot of difference to your visitors.


Designing a perfect website will not happen overnight. A lot of studies, errors and will power to not to give up is what matters. A good design will never go waste, it will eventually land on your customers. To this, a guide as above can help on the sort of website design and therefore, always keep your customers in mind before you even start a layout.

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