How powerful is the Video strategy in marketing?

“The Power of visualization is just great”

Have you ever thought why videos see the light of day? Or why people go for videos to look into a product or brand instead of just reading or word-of-mouth? Because Video (63%), alone, has outpaced blogging (60%) in using social media marketing as an asset and people are likely to forget the information or don’t just trust the words until they see something.

A brand or product needs a video marketing strategy which has to socially connect with the audience. It’s vital to have a strategy i.e.

  • What do you want to show to the world?
  • Which platform to choose?
  • How much outreach do you need? And
  • What is your ROI?

To find an answer to the above questions below are the key points to be followed for a marketing video.

1.Your story

A brand video should have a glimpse of your journey, your mission, vision, team, product or services. This will pull your potential client’s attention towards your brand, instead of reading an article, a few mins of video that to straight from the founder or CEO brings confidence in the client’s. The aim of brand videos is to create awareness about your company in an easy, innovative, and attractive way for the target audience to visit your website.

2. Befitting platforms

Choosing your platforms depending on your brand or product is not as tough as it sounds. Marketers feel the easiest way to reach the customers is with video on Facebook and YouTube. Other channels which are popular among the young generations are Instagram which currently uses IGTV and Snapchat were a daily update on your company story makes customers curious and they like to share, comment and like thus increasing traffic, sales and leads. Your video can speak about your company ’s insights across all social media platforms.

3. Reach your audience

Be unique with your approach. When a person uses Google to search about a product he/she see similar websites, with similar content or designs, but with a video it makes a user interaction, this grabs their attention and chances are high that they will visit your website. Create short videos, animated videos on kids product, doodle type for How-to-do videos, and testimonial videos to prove your product or solution will help the audience. Reaching the audience in the digital world is much quicker than word-of-mouth.

4. Worth your penny

Make videos in a cost-effective manner rather than spending more. Create a budget for each video content, collect accurate resources and find skilled people. Prosumer cameras or Smartphones or DSLR’s can be used to shoot by a small-scale business. Use free source applications to edit, to add background music and usage of pay-per-click can increase your ROI thus making growth in your marketing strategy.


Check your view-counts, conversion rates and sales and see whether your content on videos is making a difference to your company. If not, don’t stop or worry learn from tutorials or blogs on how to create videos in a step-step procedure. According to HubSpot survey, 54% of the audience wants to see more video content from a brand or product to invite them to visit or buy.

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